Hello 2019

Every new year, there is always a change. And that change in my life is the same change that reoccurs every single year: making a new habit of writing and typing out the new year other than the previous year. Now I have to get use to writing out 2019 instead of 2018. It might … Continue reading Hello 2019

Cinderella Preview

Don't know if you've notice, but the first TWO previews of my recent Theme Photo Shoot have been published on my Instagram page. It has been a year since my last one. And I'm pretty excited to share more of this shoot in the future with you! Erin Parker

No Fear ll

When you can feel God calling you to live by faith and walk on water with Him, it can be scary. I remember a time when I was having this tug a war with God, fearing that I was going to be let down. God said gently to me," Have I ever let you down?" … Continue reading No Fear ll