Hello 2019

Every new year, there is always a change. And that change in my life is the same change that reoccurs every single year: making a new habit of writing and typing out the new year other than the previous year. Now I have to get use to writing out 2019 instead of 2018. It might take me a month before I won’t have to think about it anymore and writing 2019 will become second nature.

Speaking of change, I’m not one to make new year resolutions. I see life as not waiting for a certain time or day to begin anything: New mercies and beginnings happen and can happen every single day. Starting off  a new year does not motivate me to start anything new; that kind of feeling wears off over time. Maybe for some it doesn’t, but it definitely does for me. I believe in living one day at a time, focusing on today more than one, two, three, four weeks or months from now. I don’t want to miss what God has for me today, what He desires to show me today, what He wants me to experience in His arms today. It is in those moments that change occurs in my life, to overflow into new decisions that I need to make when they need to be made.

But there are some changes that will take place in my life this year, some I already know about that will happen that have been in the works for almost a year now, that I will not be revealing for another two months. Changes I am very exciting about, but also have some places where I am facing uncertainty. Those bridges will be crossed when it is time to cross them. The Lord has been faithful and opening doors and leading me through them, I can still trust Him with what else there is to come.

Looking back on 2018, the biggest thing that stands out on my year as a photographer is that I took more pictures with people than pictures of just myself. Why is that? For a very long time, I haven’t had many people or community in my life. It is something I lacked a lot of, not because I didn’t want it. But because I felt it wasn’t available. I went to work. I went home. Thats a lifestyle I’ve been working so hard to get away from. It’s hard to get away from all that you’ve ever known, and for the most part, have been raised up in. But the Lord equips and prepares in His own time. I’ve seen such evidence of this going all the way back to 2016. I see the journey and the tough times that have come with it. But I smile and see the good that has been gained personally and spiritually.

I am greatly blessed by the people in my life. I value the friendships I have and are still growing with. And I really hope that I am a blessing of some kind to them too.  I’m ready for another year of growth with these people. I hope they will stay along for the ride. 🙂

Erin G. Parker


Cinderella Preview

Don’t know if you’ve notice, but the first TWO previews of my recent Theme Photo Shoot have been published on my Instagram page.

It has been a year since my last one. And I’m pretty excited to share more of this shoot in the future with you!

Erin Parker

No Fear ll

When you can feel God calling you to live by faith and walk on water with Him, it can be scary. I remember a time when I was having this tug a war with God, fearing that I was going to be let down. God said gently to me,” Have I ever let you down?” This was a hard moment. I am in no way perfect, and I was scared to say what I really felt about this. But God is my Father, and I should be able to say anything to Him about anything even if it isn’t always the “correct Christ like” answer, He still wants to hear my heart. So I confessed with all honestly,” God, I know this isn’t right of me to say, but I feel that You have let me down in one area of my life.” As I confessed to God this area of my life, I could hear Him reply back to me with truth,” Am I not still worthy of all your praise? Am I not still your God?” I don’t always know why some bad things in life go unexplained, but they do. That doesn’t mean God has failed me. Me holding on to those unexplained things prevents me from living by faith and experiencing God more. It also can lead to more sin. It’s not that God doesn’t love me, He does. When choosing to walk by faith, we let go of our will and surrender to His. He doesn’t owe me anything. I owe Him everything. As God was speaking truth, I could feel myself let go of those unexplained things. Once again, I felt Him say,” Have I ever failed you?” This time, my answer was different,” No God, You never have.”
Is there an area of your life that you know God is calling you to walk on water with Him?