Adventure Awaits

I hope everybody had a great Spring Break! I'm excited and blessed to have spent mine with some great friends and incredible students hiking, taking pictures of everybody hiking, admiring nature and have great fellowship. I'd love it if you'd check out the gallery of Spring Break images I have titled, "Beyond Waterfalls," by Clicking … Continue reading Adventure Awaits

Welcome to the Studio

So here is something new, since I am being kept indoors for the remaining of the Winter weather. I've been given the freedom to put together my first lil studio! It will be used primarily for filming, and making promotional video's for my job. I'm pretty excited to see how filming in this new space … Continue reading Welcome to the Studio

The Nutcracker Photo And My Thoughts Behind Creating It

This is the first time I placed myself in a fantasy type photo. It wasn't easy. I was at work one day when I had the thought of making a Christmas picture. I remembered my mom having this old nutcracker ( it isn't a real nutcracker, just a display piece ) that she usually puts … Continue reading The Nutcracker Photo And My Thoughts Behind Creating It