Setting Up Camp

This was my first morning sunrise in Big Sky Montana. I didn’t know what was to lay ahead of me this day. We had spent two days traveling from Arkansas to work the Rocky Boy Pow Wow. I came along as the fly on the wall. My goal was to capture images on this trip to tell a story of the ministry that takes place here through Montana Indian Ministries. It is my hopes that through these images, you yourself would be stirred in your heart, through faith, to either give financially to this ministry, or to get your hands dirty and serve yourself. To find out more information about Montana Indian Ministries and find ways your church can help, visit their website at

Playful moments happen at Beaver Creek Camp before packing up for the Pow Wow.
Pastor Bruce Plummer giving the team direction and perspective on Indian culture, and what the plans will be for the day.
Pastor Bruce Plummer. Montana Indian Ministries.
The beginning process of unloading supplies and the teepee’s to set up our camp on the Pow Wow grounds.
The large poles for the teepee’s. Each pole is color coated for different size teepee’s. These poles are kept in a safe place and are reused every year. It was very important that we were to avoid stepping over them to decrease the chances of them breaking.
Pastor Bruce Plummer’s granddaughter, Mystic, unwraps the straps keeping the poles secure.

Campers unloading bedding and supplies.

Team work!
Setting up the bottoms of the teepee’s.
Running water wasn’t near the camp. So several gallon’s of water had to be brought up at a time.

Teepee polls had to be carried a certain way, with two people.

The shell of a teepee.
There is a process to building a teepee. If not done in a certain order and done correctly, the teepee itself can collapse and hurt someone. It will also look bad on Indian culture.

At the end of a long day of setting up teepee’s, it is time to relax and fellowship!

This is the view we woke up to everyday while at the Pow Wow. I spent much of my quiet time and prayer at this spot.

Our first night in our new home for the next four days.

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