Give Me More Spring!

I CAN believe I went two months without updating this thing. I get so behind, but also cause I get caught up in whatever is going on in the moment that I forget about other things. Then those duties just build over time. However, now that the weather is so much warmer and the sun… Continue reading Give Me More Spring!


Where Have I Been??!!

Seriously though? Where have I been? As of the past many weeks ago, I've been lucky to get a picture in here and there. Winter weather I find can be the hardest time of year to be creative. Not impossible, just harder. My free time has been one day out of the week and mostly… Continue reading Where Have I Been??!!

No Fear ll

When you can feel God calling you to live by faith and walk on water with Him, it can be scary. I remember a time when I was having this tug a war with God, fearing that I was going to be let down. God said gently to me," Have I ever let you down?"… Continue reading No Fear ll

Trying To “Not” Get Behind

It's been a little while. I meant to update. I meant to start on new projects and ideas. I meant to create another vlog. I work 3 jobs. Does that explain much? Again I am lagging behind. I am getting through the week. I do not like "just getting through," but sometimes I cannot help… Continue reading Trying To “Not” Get Behind