See how I created a Levitation Image yesterday morning. I highly recommend anything photographically challenging...get a friend to help. Seriously. https://www.facebook.com/ErinG.Parker/videos/10212320940353506/?l=8892920434043206685


Trying To “Not” Get Behind

It's been a little while. I meant to update. I meant to start on new projects and ideas. I meant to create another vlog. I work 3 jobs. Does that explain much? Again I am lagging behind. I am getting through the week. I do not like "just getting through," but sometimes I cannot help… Continue reading Trying To “Not” Get Behind

Steampunk II

Being I had the option of two outfits instead of the usual one, I thought it to be cool to change the tone up a bit, and make the second dress be it's own instead of flowing with the first one. I decided this early on, and thought the bird cages helped make this happen,… Continue reading Steampunk II

Jadyn’s Homecoming

Here a some of my favorite's from Charleston Homecoming from October 7th, 2017 of Jadyn. Jadyn is a wonderful young lady who loves the Lord, and is so much fun to be around! Her entire family welcomed me into their home and I loved every second of it! In no particular order... For Ju...Fierce. Again,… Continue reading Jadyn’s Homecoming

Steampunk I

To give a little info of this shoot: I only had one source of light to work with, which is obviously the window light. I knew going into this there would be a lot of backlighting, which I normally like, but sometimes backlighting can be too harsh. I hadn't any fill light except the flash… Continue reading Steampunk I