Day Of The Rainbow Bus

How in the world did I come across a group of out of town Hippie’s in a giant painted old school bus?????

It is quite a tale. They simply drove up to the parking lot of my second job and parked there for four hours.


When I was leaving for my lunch break and looked over at the bus and saw the man with his lil’ guitar playing on the engine hood of the bus, I knew I had to make this my final essay for school. I raced home, grabbed my camera with whatever lens was on it at the time, and prayed once reaching the parking lot they would still be there. I remember being so overwhelmed at the opportunity before me that my body was shaking the entire time. Its fantastic to say I passed and got an A on this essay. This is one of the proudest moments of my life…simply because who would think I of all people had the bravery to ask some hippies if I could photograph them?

Photojournalist skill has entered my blood for life. Yass….

Anyways, I hope you enjoy these images. And don’t be afraid to ask people if you can photograph them. There’s always a story to tell.

Erin G Parker.

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