I Almost Quit Photography

The title might sound dramatic, but the reality is very true. There are numerous things about being a photographer most people will never know about or understand. And that's okay. I can go thru and explain the pains and ache's from the lack of understanding but I find that to be pointless and very condemning. … Continue reading I Almost Quit Photography

Best Summer Ever

The image above is my first post summer image a day after returning home from Kanakuk K-West. I averaged over 1,000 images a day for 12 weeks, you'd think I'd want to take a break from the camera. Impossible. I had the best summer of my life. I cannot exactly write it up. It's more … Continue reading Best Summer Ever

Adventure Awaits

I hope everybody had a great Spring Break! I'm excited and blessed to have spent mine with some great friends and incredible students hiking, taking pictures of everybody hiking, admiring nature and have great fellowship. I'd love it if you'd check out the gallery of Spring Break images I have titled, "Beyond Waterfalls," by Clicking … Continue reading Adventure Awaits