My name is Erin. It is an Irish name which means Ireland. It also means Peace.

Incase you hadn’t already noticed, I take a lot of pictures. You may say, “What kind?” My reply will be, “Anything I want.” I love to experiment and pose as well as going about looking for a good story. I hadn’t many restrictions when it comes to my camera. I don’t believe it should be. Photography is about letting your artistic visual side have the final word and have tons of fun at the same time. Thats how I like to keep it.

Putting that aside, I will list what my past experience has been: I’ve been a photographer for 12 years. First 9 1/2 years were basically Portrait Photography only, until moving into Photojournalism in early 2016. Felt God’s call on my life to use Photography for Ministry. Ditched the Portrait Biz, went to school for Photojournalism. Then landed a job at my church where I am able to use Photography and Video for His Glory. ¬†On the side, I create my dramatic Theme Shoots for my own personal enjoyment outside of the Ministry.

My car’s named is Charolette. I listen to my Hard Rock music really loud in the car. I love old Classic Stories and Fairy Tales. And Thor is my favorite Super Hero. I wear a bandana often. I find it easier to Shoot that way.

My personal goal has always been to inspire and motivate people visually. I really hope this website will better accomplish that. And it would help a lot for you to let me know if it does. Be sure to follow this site either through your own blog account or through email. I love sharing the stories placed in front of me.

Erin G. Parker





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