Best Summer Ever

The image above is my first post summer image a day after returning home from Kanakuk K-West. I averaged over 1,000 images a day for 12 weeks, you’d think I’d want to take a break from the camera.


I had the best summer of my life. I cannot exactly write it up. It’s more of a ,”lets get a cup of coffee and talk,” kind of summer. But whoever might read this and you see me around: ask me about my summer. I really want to share.

I was sitting on my couch and staring at these pairs of shoes I have sitting on my broken skateboard back when I was in Jr.High. Though it is a shoe that belongs to a variety of lifestyles, I always associated converse allstar with my love for rock music. And the Puma’s for my love for running. But hopefully, when I can save enough money, I desire to make a spot on this skateboard for a pair of cowboys boots.

Yeah I said it. Cowboy boots. Again, coffee date please.

Which leads to what I am wanting to share: I have returned home from the best summer of my life. And I have no idea where I will be going from here. Today I’ve been updating my resume and doing research as to where I can apply. It’s a position I avoided to be in until this year. And I became more okay with it as the summer came and went. I am at peace and am not worried, because I can look over the summer and see the hand of God working so much spiritually in my heart. I know He’s got the future of what I cannot see. I don’t have to see it all to trust Him.

Thats a good place to be.


Erin G. Parker

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