Where Have I Been??!!

Seriously though? Where have I been? As of the past many weeks ago, I’ve been lucky to get a picture in here and there. Winter weather I find can be the hardest time of year to be creative. Not impossible, just harder. My free time has been one day out of the week and mostly has been indoors. I love indoor lighting, but I feel limited with it unless I had more to work with. However I’ve been able to keep my instagram updated. Thats mostly where I’ve been posting my images, so if you don’t already follow me, go do that @erinparrrker. The Link is also on the side bar too.

In new News in my photography life, this summer I will be going on a Mission Trip to Montana, as the photographer of course. That isn’t the only thing I’ll be doing, but it will consist a lot of my time. I’m very excited about the experience. My group will be volunteering at a Pow Wow. I have a lot of research to catch up on when photographing a Pow Wow. This will definitely be a trip taking me out of my comfort zone. Probably the biggest thing will be that I will not have any electricity! So with that being said, I won’t be able to bring my computer to help with editing. I am going to have to purchase extra camera cards and lithium batteries to get me through ten days of adventure and sweat. Thats a lot of extra money…that I have yet to spend…

Which leads to the next new News of my life: I’m currently without a car. My car, Scarlett, has a cracked radiator, as well as a broken frame and many parts under the hood are shifted to the right. What explains this?…I ran over a fat raccoon.

Don’t ask anymore questions.

I also drove into a ditch back in December. It’s the ice’s fault. But I did a 360 and a half and was given the new name of Vin Diesel. Like I could ever attempt to pull that trick again. Though there was no frontal damage done to Scarlett, its a huge possibility that my broken frame came as a result to that. As of right now there is no news on how Scarlett is doing. Its possible I may be forced to get a new car is Scarlett is not worth fixing. So of course I have my lovely mother to drive me to both of my jobs…

which is just like high school! Good grief! My independence is gone! At least I have my mother to help with transportation. I am thankful for her. A friend keeps telling me its only for a season. I must always remind myself that everything is only a “season,” including with cars.

Back to photography news: Because of the unexpected results of my car, and funds for Montana, I may be skipping a Theme Shoot for the Spring season. I was beginning into research and learning of doing “Powder” photography. If you don’t know what that is, totally Youtube it. Its amazing! And I have been wanting to mess around with Powder for a long time now. And being I have plenty outdoor space to make a mess, I believe I could try it and succeed. But that comes with funding for Strobe Lights. Now I have other needs, the Strobes are put on hold. Almost anything pleasurable is put on hold for now.

I am ready for warmer weather, longer days…so I can photograph when I get home from work. I want to take up Running again, but it’s still too cold to do it. I live on 28 archers of land. It’s free. I like to save money so I’d prefer to Run where I live. I’m determined it will happen again.

Most of all…I’m ready for all things to become brand new again. šŸ™‚


Erin G. Parker



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