Trying To “Not” Get Behind

It’s been a little while. I meant to update. I meant to start on new projects and ideas. I meant to create another vlog.

I work 3 jobs. Does that explain much?

Again I am lagging behind. I am getting through the week. I do not like “just getting through,” but sometimes I cannot help it. I’ve been very busy, and a little burdened again. I always tell myself to never get to that place in my creative life again. I’ve been there way too much, and it feels so heavy on my shoulders. But it happens. I once again am waiting to get to that place where I feel more freedom to just “go do,” instead of desiring to lay in bed and watch youtube cause it’s more relaxing.

The bygraceblog officially expired this month. It is no more. Before I clicked the final delete option,  I made to sure to clean away all my media library. Once seeing all I put into that blog, I felt so sad over letting it go. I put three years worth of my heart into that blog. I honestly felt that it was a waste of time and energy to only see it end as it did. Portrait Photography has become so much of my identity as an artist. Since I am purposely stripping myself of it, it hurts deep down inside letting it go little by little. But it must be done.

For what I have been doing: I do have a few more Shoots before Portrait Photography is gone. I have however photographed a newborn:

And I was also a part of witnessing an adoption! Still editing some of the photo’s of that day, but it was the first time I have ever been in a court room, and took pictures in a court room too.

And afterwards, had the very first family photo’s.

Hopefully in the next blog, I will be able to show some of the ideas that live in my head, but show them on an actual image instead of words.

Erin G. Parker




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