Steampunk II

Being I had the option of two outfits instead of the usual one, I thought it to be cool to change the tone up a bit, and make the second dress be it’s own instead of flowing with the first one. I decided this early on, and thought the bird cages helped make this happen, more like realized that it helped. I never planned on splitting this Theme but felt I needed to because there were so many images. Total together along with Steampunk l ( click here if you haven’t seen it yet ) there are 35 images, making this shoot the most finished images I have ever had with Themes.

Again, special thanks are in order to Kathy Lumpkins for designing the dresses and allowing me to use the upstairs of her shop, Key Lime Crush, for this Shoot. Also to Julianna who gave the perfect poses as well as attitude towards the look and feel I was asking for. Trust me when I say she did not want to chance out of these dresses, but would have loved to have worn them all day long if she could have.

CLICK HERE TO SEE STEAMPUNK ll , and please leave me comments in the comments section or at the Guestbook!

Until the next Theme…

Erin G. Parker


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