Steampunk I

To give a little info of this shoot: I only had one source of light to work with, which is obviously the window light. I knew going into this there would be a lot of backlighting, which I normally like, but sometimes backlighting can be too harsh. I hadn’t any fill light except the flash on my camera. I only used the flash a couple of times with the Second Edition of Steampunk ( You’ll have to wait to see those for another time ) but that was it. I’m not really into flash. So I took my chances and went in with the knowledge that I had.

And it worked.

Special thanks to Kathy Lumpkins who designed the Steampunk dresses, as well as allowing me to use her upstairs room of her shop at Key Lime Crush located in Downtown Van Buren ( totally check her out, she’s the bomb! ). Also, every single prop ( except the red lantern, that was mine ) belonged to her and she let me use to get the feel I was looking for.

And I cannot forget Julianna for being willing to pose for me for this shoot! She stood in high heel boots for almost two hours straight and gave me exactly what I was looking for. She is fantastic!

Be expecting the Second Edition of this shoot to be out, hopefully, in a week or so. There were so many images taken this day, along with two costume changes, that I had to split them up. So this First Edition has a much warmer feel to it, while the Second is very much the opposite.


And please leave me comments in the comment section!

Erin G. Parker


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  1. Joanne/With Endless Grace says:

    I’m happy to see you continue to develop your talented photography skills. These images reflect the depth of your capabilities. Brilliant work!


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