Hello 2019

Every new year, there is always a change. And that change in my life is the same change that reoccurs every single year: making a new habit of writing and typing out the new year other than the previous year. Now I have to get use to writing out 2019 instead of 2018. It might…

The Nutcracker Photo And My Thoughts Behind Creating It

This is the first time I placed myself in a fantasy type photo. It wasn’t easy. I was at work one day when I had the thought of making a Christmas picture. I remembered my mom having this old nutcracker ( it isn’t a real nutcracker, just a display piece ) that she usually puts…

Late Night Christmas Nights

Had my chance to photograph at night, with great friends and Christmas lights. See the gallery by Clicking Here.   Erin G. Parker

Chapel Architect

Wide shots are ones I purposely seek out. There’s so much to capture. Erin G. Parker